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Wire Erosion

The process of wire erosion enables us to cut difficult to machine conductive materials with tremendous accuracy. Parts can be from less than 1mm up to 410mm in thickness and very small from a few grams up to 1000kg in weight. Wire erosion can cut tungsten carbide, exotic steel alloys, titanium and aluminium – in fact as long as it conducts electricity it can be cut with Wire EDM.

We have specialised in wire erosion since 2000 and now have 4 wire EDM machines.

All work is carried out under ISO9001 2015 quality system ensuring peace of mind regarding traceability, quality and delivery.

Fanuc Robocut Alpha c600i WB AWF X600, Y400, Z400 (cutting area)

Fanuc Robocut Alpha -1iA AWF X520, Y370, Z410 (cutting area)

Fanuc Robocut Alpha-OiC AWF X320, Y220, Z250 (cutting area)

Fanuc Robocut Alpha- 0iA AWF X320, Y220, Z180 (cutting area)

Specific Services

Our Machines

With our four Fanuc Robocuts they cover all sizes of work they are reliable and extremely accurate

Experienced Team

Our Qualified Toolmakers, Ben, Mark and Darren have a vast expanse of knowledge for a wide variety of Wire Eroding work that has been carried out here over the last 20 or so years

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