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Laser Engraving

We purchased our first Fibre laser Marking Machine the Technifor LW3 Laser workstation equipped with Technifor’s F20, which was selected for its capabilities in precision marking an extensive range of often intricate metals and ABS Plastics. To enable cylindrical objects to be engraved, the machine was specified with an optional 4th axis, a rotary attachment that allows for the marking and engraving of cylindrical parts.

Technifor Laser Workstation LW3 Fibre Optic with 4th axis (Mainly for Steels)

Technifor Laser LS100EX CO2 with 4th axis, Cut & Engrave area 600 x 300 (Mainly for Plastics & Wood)

Specific Services

Our Machines

The Technifor LW3 which we purchased back in 2018 has a range of capabilities to etch on all forms of metal. This we have found to be great for Part Marking all our manufactured parts before leaving us. We have another machine (LS100EX) which engraves a large aspect of materials including Glass, Plastics, Slate and Wood.

Experienced Team

Ben has been working with the suppliers of the Technifor LW3 to increase his knowledge of the machine’s workings and now has an in-depth knowledge of all its capabilities.

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