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Jig Boring

Our Precision Engineers here at Ashton Jig and Tool, are experts in vertical and horizontal Jig Boring. We offer Jig Boring Services on both small and large-scale projects. . We have a team of highly-skilled Jig Borers and qualified Engineers who are here to offer their expertise in Precision Engineering.

We provide Jig Boring services using state-of-the-art machines with the ability to offer small and large-scale jobs. We always aim to provide components to the highest quality standards first time with rigorous inspection procedures. We tailor the Jig Boring service to each of their customers; we can produce small samples, to large-scale complex parts.

Genevoise SIP Hydroptic 6A

Rotary Inclinable Tables

Specific Services

Our Machines

At AJT we house a variety of Jig Borer Machines, including two Genevoise SIP Hydroptic 6A On these machines, our highly skilled Jig Borers can manufacture work to tight tolerances on a range of milling components from aluminium to harder steels. Our Jig Boring Machines are suitable for producing a variety of components from fixtures, tooling, and prototypes to more complex machined parts.


With our Genevoise SIP Machines we can machine

Holes with the tightest tolerances

Experienced Team

Brian and Matt have over 50 years experience in the Jig Boring sector and produce some amazing and complex work for the Nuclear and the Gas and Oil industry

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