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Ashton Jig and Tool has built a strong reputation for quality control since our founding. This hard-won reputation is backed-up by professional accreditation. We are ISO9001:2015 accredited and this, alongside numerous customer approvals, assures you that we deliver quality components and services.

We use In House CMM facilities and a host of high-specification equipment within our inspection department to provide first-off, intermediate and final inspection of components.

Full traceability throughout the production process, from materials to finishing is the standard for AJT. We offer certificates of conformity, material test certification and bespoke inspection reports, as requested.

Global S Blue 09.15.08  Co-ordinate Measuring Machine PCDmis Cad++2016. Temperature Controlled Room

Trimos Digital Height Gauge 0.001mm reading, 600mm high

Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauge 0.001mm reading, 600mm high

The Keyence XM-5000 co-ordinate measuring machine  (CMM) uses revolutionary technology to deliver accurate reliable measurements in a wide range of environments making it the perfect partner for measurement in any scenario.

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The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) series Intelligence combines smart technologies
delivering superior measurement performance and enhanced productivity for the unique needs of any production environment.

Experienced Team

Our fully competent team of inspectors Jon Burkhill and Tina Taylor carry out CMM inspections on 100% of the products that leave Ashton Jig from the repetitive jobs we get to the one off unique creations to make sure everything is within tolerance and quality is next to non.

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