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CNC Turning

Our high specification CNC lathes are designed for the production of short or long batch runs, enabling us to deliver high quality, with short lead times and lower costs. We run 2, 3 & 4 axis machines with single spindle variants with C and Y axis machining capability allowing us to offer a huge range of component sizes and geometries.

XYZ XL1100 CNC Lathe with Tailstock. 2000mm between centres 1000mm diameter 4 Jaw Chuck

XYZ Proturn CNC SLX 555-3000mm between centres 3 and 4 Jaw Chucks

Victor Model V Turn 36 – 125 CNC Lathe with Tailstock. 380mm diameter 3 Jaw Power Chuck, 1250mm between centres

Victor Model V Turn 26/ 60 CNC Lathe with Tailstock. 250mm diameter 3 Jaw Power Chuck, 600mm between centres

Victor Model V Turn S26 CNC Lathe 250mm Diameter 3 Jaw Power Chuck 600mm between centres. With Live Tooling

Specific Services

Our Machines

With our state of the Art Victor Turning Centres and Large capacity XYZ lathes we can accommodate most requirements for any industry.

Experienced Team

With over 60 years experience our turning team Kevin, Paul, Robert and Tom have a wealth of knowledge within the Nuclear, Gas and Oil and the MOD fields.

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